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In addition to the pedagogical work of the team, there are another two crucial elements for the children at Biberbau: the house and the garden. A group room with the appropriate furniture, materials and play corners is an important setting for the development of each child. And a garden with many different areas for gross and fine motor skills as well as exploration also provides a good foundation for your children's development.

Day nursery in Bogenhausen

Our kindergarten in Bogenhausen is open monday to friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

At Biberbau Bogenhausen, each group has its own group room, bedroom and children's bathroom. All rooms are furnished and designed in such a way that the children have the highest possible degree of autonomy. For example, all materials and toys are accessible to the children at all times. In the respective bedrooms, each child has his or her own individual bed. In the children's bathroom, too, sinks and toilets are at the children's height so that they can manage their care step by step on their own. In addition, we offer enough space for meals in two children's restaurants. With tables and chairs suitable for each age group, we enable the children to eat together in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, too, we actively involve the children by showing them how to set their table, how to put their own food on their plates, and how to clear away and clean up after themselves. The goal here is also to give each child the appropriate opportunities on their way to independence.

The Biberbau in Bogenhausen has 450 square meters of garden with two different areas:

In the first area we have realized a garden that is more suitable for smaller children. Here we have a sandbox, our willow tunnel and our willow house, which offer interesting opportunities for play and discovery, especially at the age of 0-1.5. In addition, we plant herbs, vegetables and fruit here every spring.

In the second area we have two more large sandboxes, a dwarf hill with slide, a swing and a place to balance and sit. We also have a nice shady spot under our apple tree here, so we can often move our activities outside in the summer and have our morning circle in the garden, for example.

Around the Biberbau there are many possibilities to go on excursions with the children. In five minutes we can reach a playground that is suitable for children under 3 years old. The ecological education center also has several spacious and diverse play and exploration areas. In addition, there is public transportation in the immediate vicinity of our house, which allows us to travel a little further from time to time. With children from the age of 2, we visit, for example, the English Garden or the market at Pariser Platz - a great experience for the "big ones" among the little ones.

The kindergarten Biberbau in Bogenhausen is privately operated by us as the sponsor according to the Munich funding formula. Therefore, we can offer you favorable care prices here.

Crèche and kindergarten in Freiham

Our kindergarten in Freiham is open monday to friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

In our house in Munich-Freiham, 36 crèche and 75 kindergarten children find their place in a total of six groups. Nestled in a newly developed and sustainably planned new development area, the Biberbau in Freiham is thoughtfully designed to provide all age groups with a beautiful and stimulating environment in which to learn, play and grow. After the spacious checkroom in the entrance area, you will find the first two group rooms on the first floor, which, like our rooms in Munich-Bogenhausen, have age-appropriate layouts and equipment in accordance with our concept based on Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler: There is a lot for your children to discover in the freely accessible individual play and learning areas! On the second floor there are four more group rooms, two each for KITA and two for our kindergarten children. The rooms are connected by a play corridor, which also houses the checkrooms for the group rooms on the second floor. Each of the two groups has its own spacious bathroom with toilets, washbasins and mirrors at child height to give the children as much independence as possible in personal hygiene.

Each floor also has a multifunctional room: this is where the sleeping accommodations for our daycare children are located - in Freiham, too, each child is given its own fixed place to sleep - which can be converted into play furniture with just a few alterations. This gives all children the opportunity to let off steam outside of bedtime!

All group rooms have large windows facing our garden. This has a variety of areas where the children can either act out their urge to move - such as on our balancing course, on the nest swing or the slide - or stimulate their senses. Together with the children, we create a fragrant garden in which we grow a variety of flowers and herbs throughout the year. There is a snack garden with local berries. And in the summer, our mud tables and water playground let you splash and splash to your heart's content!

In winter, all children can let off steam in our large movement room on the first floor. Here there are many creative movement offers, which can be set up and dismantled individually. There is something for every age group to play and move.

The KITA Biberbau in Munich-Freiham is operated by us as a sponsor on behalf of the city of Munich. Therefore we can offer you favorable care prices corresponding to a municipal institution.

Day nursery and kindergarten in Untergiesing

Our kindergarten in Untergiesing is open monday to friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

In our house in Untergiesing, we also care for crèche and kindergarten children - a total of 24 crèche and 50 kindergarten children in 4 groups. The group rooms are spacious and bright and all have direct access to the newly laid out garden. Here, too, all rooms are furnished in such a way that the children find everything they need for their development. The various functional areas, such as language materials, geometry, daily life exercises, role play and construction areas are accessible to the children at all times, so that the children can move freely in their group guided by their needs.

In the multi-functional rooms, which are located between the group rooms, all children have their own place to sleep in our sleeping castles, which can also be used during the day for role play, movement activities, retreat and cuddling.

Each 2 groups share one children's bathroom. These are designed so that the children can actively participate in personal hygiene. There are both nursery and kindergarten toilets and washbasins at appropriate heights.

A large multi-purpose room offers numerous opportunities for movement activities and community activities for several groups, e.g. at parties, Biberbau events such as parent workshops and training sessions.

The KITA Biberbau in Untergiesing is also operated by us on behalf of the City of Munich, so we can offer you favorable care prices corresponding to a municipal facility.

Crèche and kindergarten in Maxvorstadt

Our kindergarten in Maxvorstadt is open monday to friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

Biberbau opens new daycare center in Katharina-von-Bora-Strasse: A place for loving care and diverse education

At the end of 2023, the time has come: Biberbau will open a new daycare center in Katharina-von-Bora-Strasse, offering 24 daycare places and 50 kindergarten places. Anticipation is high and preparations are in full swing.  

Dunia Köhling, managing director of Biberbau, explains, "With the opening of the new daycare center in Katharina-von-Bora-Strasse, we would like to expand Biberbau's existing offerings and provide even more children and their families with high-quality care and education, because Biberbau also consistently relies on reform pedagogical approaches according to Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori in this facility."

A special feature of the daycare center is its close connection with the surrounding artists' quarter and the famous Pinakotheken museums. Through this, the educational area of art will play a central role, and the children will be able to immerse themselves in a world full of creativity and artistic impulses.

Sylvia Bergler, General Pedagogical Director, adds: "Our premises are lovingly designed and offer the children a valuable environment in which they can feel comfortable and curiously discover the world. We want to give the children space to discover their interests and develop their individual potential."

The new daycare center in the Biberbau also offers promising career opportunities for the pedagogical specialists through the innovative organization and role model "Biberbau Passion". This model allows employees to contribute their expertise in different subject areas and work as experts, consultants or managers. You can find more information about this in our career brochure.

We are looking forward to the start of the new daycare center and to welcoming many children and their families to Katharina-von-Bora-Straße.

Where to find us

You can reach the Kita Biberbau in Bogenhausen easily by car or by all means of public transport:

  • by car: via Englschalkinger Straße turn into Vollmannstraße
  • by tram line 16 or 18: stop Cosimabad
  • by bus 154, 184 or 189: stop Cosimabad
  • by subway U4: subway station Arabellapark

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Köhling Family Services GmbH
Vollmannstraße 59
81925 Munich


You can reach the Kita Biberbau in Freiham easily by car or by all means of public transport:

  • by car: A96 exit Freiham
  • by bus 57 and 157: stop Otto-Meitinger-Straße
  • by train line S4: stop Aubing or S8 stop Bahnhof Freiham

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Köhling Family Services GmbH
Aubinger Allee 110
81249 Munich


You can reach the Kita Biberbau in Untergiesing easily by car or by all means of public transport:

  • by car: from the middle ring road turn onto Schönstraße and right onto Salierstraße
  • by bus 52: bus stop Ludmilla-Straße or by bus 54, 153 and X30: bus stop Candidplatz
  • by subway U1: subway station Candidplatz

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Köhling Family Services GmbH
Salierstraße 24
81543 Munich