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To be able to do really good pedagogical work, we need a team that is convinced of our concept and carries it with us day after day. We pay attention to high professional qualifications - and a good, respectful human interaction. Get an insight at our monthly get-to-know meetings for pedagogues with our overall pedagogical management. We offer you insight into our image of the child, our lived Montessori pedagogy and how we support children according to Pikler. We inform you about our further education in the Biberbau Academy and possibilities for further development in our team. We will also be happy to discuss possibilities for the recognition of your foreign degree in Munich and Bavaria. We look forward to your participation.

The next online meeting takes place at 6pm on February 23rd 2023

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You like our philosophy and you already have a pedagogical education? Then we look forward to receiving your application. We are looking for:

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Shared values - shared opportunities

"Strong roots and a free spirit" is the basic principle of the Biberbau Kindergarten. We combine Montessori and Emmi Pikler education with bilingual language development in German and English for children from six months to three years and three years to six years. Partially open rooms and diverse open spaces provide an ideal environment for curiosity and creativity. We also place the highest value on qualified professionals who use their own ideas to optimally support and encourage children in their development.

Career at Biberbau: What our team says

Management tasks in the Biberbau - the site management

Sonja K., site manager:

"I am a trained kindergarten teacher with years of management experience and have long been looking for a job that allows me to contribute my experience well. It is important to me that I can concentrate fully on the subject of pedagogical management and parent counseling. The good division of labor with my colleagues in the group service and the close cooperation with the pedagogical head office make it possible for me to focus completely on my areas of responsibility. In addition, I have the opportunity to continuously further my education. For me, this is exactly the right choice!"

Daily responsibility - the group management

Anja, group leader:

"The responsibility that one bears as a group leader in the kindergarten is great - one wants to do justice to all the children, all the parents, but also the colleagues. As a kindergarten teacher, I am aware of what is required here, but at the same time I like the fact that I am given a lot of say on the part of the Biberbau as an employer. I have a lot of room to develop professionally and personally and to expand my knowledge. In the Biberbau Academy, I am offered various training courses on pedagogical and also organizational topics that pick me up exactly where I am. This makes me feel secure and motivated."

Important support - the assistants

Charlotte, assistant:

"Often an assistant is seen more as a cleaner or support. At Biberbau, it's completely different. As an assistant, I have my own areas of responsibility, I'm actively involved in the educational activities by my group leader and I receive my own training at the Biberbau Academy. It feels good to be taken seriously and to have the opportunity to learn new things. That's why I really enjoy working at Biberbau!"

Learning languages playfully - the native speakers

Melissa, Native Speaker:

"I came to Vienna a few years ago. I have worked in educational professions before, but finding a job in Vienna where I can use my educational knowledge and my native language English has been very difficult so far. At Biberbau I have the opportunity to put this into practice. Since I only work part-time, I also have the opportunity to continue my education while working. My goal is to work as a trained educator in the long term."

Biberbau Academy

Your advantage

In order to ensure optimal care for the children by the educators, the Biberbau has created its own online training center for all employees, the "Biberbau Academy". The training courses on various topics such as induction, basic or advanced training, as well as training courses on special subject areas such as Montessori or Pikler pedagogy, are firmly integrated into the daily work at Biberbau. They ensure the quality of the pedagogical work and give the pedagogues the opportunity to continuously develop themselves within the normal working hours.

Depending on your education, experience and position, we offer you different trainings according to your needs. You will receive tailor-made training for your everyday pedagogical work with the children in the Biberbau, as well as assistance and advice on various pedagogical and organizational topics. In addition, there are regular opportunities for professional exchange with colleagues from the entire Biberbau team. In this way we also ensure quality in our daycare centers and kindergartens and harmonious teamwork.

For educators in leadership positions, we also offer training in the areas of self-management and communication, organization and team leadership. Based on your previous experience, we complement your know-how and skills. In this way, we ensure that you can develop with us and secure your chances of advancement.