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Shared values - shared opportunities

"Strong roots and a free spirit" is the basic principle of the Biberbau Kindergarten. We combine Montessori and Emmi Pikler education with bilingual language development in German and English for children from six months to three years and three years to six years. Partially open rooms and diverse open spaces provide an ideal environment for curiosity and creativity. We also place the highest value on qualified professionals who use their own ideas to optimally support and encourage children in their development.

Career at Biberbau: What our team says

Management tasks in the Biberbau - the site management

Sonja K., site manager:

"I am a trained kindergarten teacher with years of management experience and have long been looking for a job that allows me to contribute my experience well. It is important to me that I can concentrate fully on the subject of pedagogical management and parent counseling. The good division of labor with my colleagues in the group service and the close cooperation with the pedagogical head office make it possible for me to focus completely on my areas of responsibility. In addition, I have the opportunity to continuously further my education. For me, this is exactly the right choice!"

Daily responsibility - the group management

Anja, group leader:

"The responsibility that one bears as a group leader in the kindergarten is great - one wants to do justice to all the children, all the parents, but also the colleagues. As a kindergarten teacher, I am aware of what is required here, but at the same time I like the fact that I am given a lot of say on the part of the Biberbau as an employer. I have a lot of room to develop professionally and personally and to expand my knowledge. In the Biberbau Academy, I am offered various training courses on pedagogical and also organizational topics that pick me up exactly where I am. This makes me feel secure and motivated."

Important support - the assistants

Charlotte, assistant:

"Often an assistant is seen more as a cleaner or support. At Biberbau, it's completely different. As an assistant, I have my own areas of responsibility, I'm actively involved in the educational activities by my group leader and I receive my own training at the Biberbau Academy. It feels good to be taken seriously and to have the opportunity to learn new things. That's why I really enjoy working at Biberbau!"

Learning languages playfully - the native speakers

Melissa, Native Speaker:

"I came to Vienna a few years ago. I have worked in educational professions before, but finding a job in Vienna where I can use my educational knowledge and my native language English has been very difficult so far. At Biberbau I have the opportunity to put this into practice. Since I only work part-time, I also have the opportunity to continue my education while working. My goal is to work as a trained educator in the long term."

Growth with a plan - Pedagogical and Operational teams at Biberbau

Many paths only reveal themselves as you walk - said Franz Kafka, a German writer at the beginning of the 20th century. For the last three years, Biberbau has grown considerably - many new locations, new pedagogues and, of course, many new parents and children. To accommodate this growth, pedagogical teams and operational teams work closely together.  

The Pedagogical Center - A five-member team with different focal points

The core - Conception and therapeutic education

The pedagogical center unites the areas of conception and therapeutic pedagogy under its umbrella as its core activities. For this purpose, the team creates concepts, standards, observation sheets, general and individual therapy plans and much more. The documents serve as guidelines for all colleagues in the locations, but also often for the parents as a basis for a good educational partnership with the pedagogues. "Montessori pedagogy and Pikler pedagogy are basically 100 years old, so you might think that everything has already been said" explains Jasmin as our pedagogue responsible for the concept. Nevertheless, the need for new documentation is huge. "In 2022 alone, we have written countless framework concepts." explains Annabelle, who qualitatively checks all concepts and determines the needs continuously.

The Biberbau Academy teaches all the content for implementation in reality.

"However, the best concept is only paper if it is not lived", correctly say site managers at Biberbau over and over. That's why the Biberbau has its own academy with many online and live training courses. All the educational content of the Biberbau is explained at different levels, from beginner courses to advanced training. To ensure that all this is not just theory, there are also many supervision and coaching sessions with Alina and Elisabeth on site, where, for example, difficult discussions with parents can be practiced and we can reflect on how each teacher can improve their personal work.

Many employees automatically have many topics

In the meantime, the Biberbau has about 45 employees in its locations. Numerous topics come up frequently, which are accompanied by the pedagogical center. Recognition issues, staff appraisals, further training, career changes that involve more tasks and areas of responsibility. "In order to support everyone in this and to show the ways to do so, the pedagogical center offers varied appointments, documents and training courses," explains Elisabeth. Important partners here are also Victoria, the head of our operations team, and Nele, our human resources manager.

Educational partnership and good parents' evenings are no coincidence

A kindergarten also has the task of working closely with parents - part of the educational partnership is a good parents' evening and a well-prepared parents' meeting. "But just as important are parent surveys, parent folders, parent intranet, parent newsletters and much more," explains Alina. As the person responsible for parent counseling, she advises site managers, group managers and offers all documents and many templates to enable successful and professional parent work.

Recruiting is the central topic for us in 2023 at Biberbau

However, the pedagogical team continues to grow - by the end of 2023, a good 25 staff members will be added. Even though Biberbau enjoys such great popularity and always finds new colleagues, it is a never-ending task to advertise new positions, to publish them, to advertise on the internet and on all social media channels. But the work is not done yet, because we still have to do interviews, job shadowing and, last but not least, contract negotiations before we hire someone. In this area, parts of the pedagogical head office work closely with colleagues from the operations office with the two managing heads. "Recruiting is the central issue for us in 2023 at Biberbau." Says the head of management. "That's why administration and educators work most closely together on this topic." explains Nele, our HR manager.

A good decision 

"Many heads of management do not allow themselves the luxury of a pedagogical head office and separate administration. The work is done by the site managers and the educators in the groups. But since the children always have priority, this area often falls by the wayside or is done in hundreds of hours of overtime," say the head of management. Biberbau therefore decided on this way of working many years ago and has been proved right.

Digitization at Biberbau

A tablet in the group? Surely for organizing the next excursion, but not for digital games

From tablets in the group to digital training and hybrid parents' evenings on site and via online conferences. At Biberbau, we value a high level of digitization in all areas of work. Only with the children - there, we hold back.

Various software solutions support the organization of the daily pedagogical routine

When the site manager arrived at the kindergarten at 10:00 this morning, it was already the beginning of her workday. As early as 8:00 a.m., she received the first messages on her tablet from the educators on site about planned activities in the daily group schedule. At 9:00 a.m. she received a message about the final number of children in the groups and could therefore already plan the preparation times in the afternoon. Nowadays, four colleagues can attend training sessions and then prepare the parents' evening. Digital work in the kindergarten ensures a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in planning and implementing organization around the children's groups. Therefore, it is very important for us at Biberbau to use these tools and to work with them on a daily basis.

Digitally connect the administration, the pedagogical team and the parents

Even in the administration, work is hardly imaginable without software solutions. From the conclusion of childcare contracts, the processing of funding with the authorities, to the invoicing of parents - in all areas of administration, our software solutions are important tools for the work. But also the networking between our administration and our pedagogical teams in the locations succeeds best with digital tools. That's why we have developed our own intranet for our employees, where colleagues can find digital forms, place orders, request appointments, and have all pedagogical documents and templates quickly at hand.

Media education for children is a conscious decision

For children, tablets, computers and all other digital devices are constantly visible - at home, in the kindergarten, in public. Prohibiting children's access to such resources on principle makes no sense. At Biberbau, we emphasize age-appropriate media education to enable a conscious and healthy use of media. We also offer workshops for parents to explain how to deal with media successfully with children. In the group daily routine, however, we avoid all kinds of digital games or other apps on tablets, screens or other devices.

Biberbau Academy

Your advantage

In order to ensure optimal care for the children by the educators, the Biberbau has created its own online training center for all employees, the "Biberbau Academy". The training courses on various topics such as induction, basic or advanced training, as well as training courses on special subject areas such as Montessori or Pikler pedagogy, are firmly integrated into the daily work at Biberbau. They ensure the quality of the pedagogical work and give the pedagogues the opportunity to continuously develop themselves within the normal working hours.

Depending on your education, experience and position, we offer you different trainings according to your needs. You will receive tailor-made training for your everyday pedagogical work with the children in the Biberbau, as well as assistance and advice on various pedagogical and organizational topics. In addition, there are regular opportunities for professional exchange with colleagues from the entire Biberbau team. In this way we also ensure quality in our daycare centers and kindergartens and harmonious teamwork.

For educators in leadership positions, we also offer training in the areas of self-management and communication, organization and team leadership. Based on your previous experience, we complement your know-how and skills. In this way, we ensure that you can develop with us and secure your chances of advancement.