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How We Communicate

Clear communication between parents and educators is one of the most important standards at Kindergarten Biberbau.

Our daily Biberheft

After the start of care in the Biberbau, continuous communication is important to us. As a practical tool for daily exchange, the optional Biberheft supports us as a kind of diary in which processes are documented, information about the child's development in the areas of Montessori and Pikler and news about activities is exchanged and everyday life is reflected.

Documentation and reflection via Biberbuch

In the Biberbuch, your child's development is documented over the long term. With photos and stories, the reference teacher reports on the child's development in the form of learning stories and thus also has a basis for our regular parent meetings with you. Later it will be a nice reminder of the kindergarten time for you and your child.

Documents for you at home - Our parent folder

How exactly does the acclimation process work at Biberbau? What do you as a family need to prepare and consider for a good start? Who are your contacts for various issues? Many questions often arise during your start at the kindergarten. During the admission interview, you will receive a parent folder from us with all the important information about everyday life and the processes at Biberbau Kindergarten. In addition, the parents' folder is also stored on the Biberbau intranet - so you have easy access to it at any time.

Talking to each other - parents' evenings and parents' events

Exchange and community - these are two important aspects for a good cooperation and a harmonious group formation. At our parents' evenings and kindergarten festivals, both of which take place twice a year, you have the opportunity to get to know our educators and other parents personally. They get a lively insight into the kindergarten's everyday life and can exchange ideas with other parents. If necessary, online participation is also possible.

Biberbau Digital - Our intranet and newsletter for parents

The Kindergarten Biberbau compact for your pocket - or your PC at home? No problem: Via our parents' intranet we provide you with current information on an ongoing basis. We provide you with a monthly newsletter with practical tips for the implementation of the Montessori principle with play suggestions for at home, show you the progress of our monthly themes in the kindergarten and new photos from your child's everyday group life. At the same time, you will find useful information such as forms, how to contact individual contacts, and much more in the secure "My Biberbau" area at the bottom left of our Website.

Advise and exchange - Our parents' council

The Biberbau parents' advisory council provides a direct interface between our kindergarten team and you as families. Twice a year, the newly elected committee with representatives from the individual groups meets with the site management and the sponsor. At the meetings, for example, innovations of the site management and ideas of the parents are discussed. You always have the opportunity to approach your parent representatives with your own suggestions or requests for advice. The team looks forward to your involvement.

Educational partnership through regular reflection

Individual discussions about your child's development are the basis of our educational partnership with you. Based on the continuous observation of the child, which is documented in the Biberbuch and the documentation method according to Beller & Beller, we focus on the interests of the children. Our development discussions are conducted by your child's reference teacher with you as parents twice a year. This gives you a very detailed and confidential description of your child's current development. Participation in the developmental interview is also possible online.


Are you interested in a place for your child at the Biberbau Kindergarten? We are happy to offer you an insight into our concept and our house during our viewing appointments - on site and online. We will show you our group rooms, present how we support your child using Montessori materials and Pikler areas, and give you further information about our offers and booking times. You are cordially invited! Please register below.

Open house day

We do not offer any open house days at the moment. For urgent matters we ask you to fill out the contact form below.

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Do you have specific questions? We look forward to getting to know you

As parents, you want optimal, personal, loving and reliable care for your child. And we have your child's best interests at heart. To answer all your questions and give you a feeling of security, we can arrange an individual consultation appointment where you can get to know the house and the concept. You are welcome to bring your child to the appointment so that he or she has the opportunity to "get a feel" for the premises.

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